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Bristol: Fossil shows lizards millions of years older than thought

A scientist says the fossil is "one of the most important found in the last few decades".

From the BBC News-2022-12-2:20:6:1

Why Kenya is turning to genetically modified crops to help with drought

The government sees them as a way to lessen the impact of a lack of rain but some farmers are wary.

From the BBC News-2022-11-9:8:5:1

Secret communication of sea animals discovered

A scientist says his recordings of 53 marine species changes what we know about the evolution of sounds.

From the BBC News-2022-10-25:14:6:1

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The Evolution of Social Behaviour by Michael Taborsky, Michael A. Cant, Jan Komdeur, from Cambridge University Press. (Dec 3).

Cladistics A Guide to Biological Classification, 3rd Edition, by David M. Williams, Malte C. Ebach, from Cambridge University Press. (Nov 26).

Rates of Evolution A Quantitative Synthesis, by Philip D. Gingerich, from Cambridge University Press. (Nov 19).

Evolutionary Dynamics of Plant-Pathogen Interactions by Jeremy J. Burdon, from Cambridge University Press. (Nov 5).

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Dec 3 20:00Consequences of Genetic Recombination on Protein Folding Stability - Roberto Del Amparo, Luis Daniel González-Vázquez, Miguel Arenas (JME)
Dec 3 08:00A New Hope: A hermaphroditic nematode enables analysis of a recent whole genome duplication event - Sara S Wighard et al. (GBE)
Dec 2 16:00The restart effect in social dilemmas shows humans are self-interested not altruistic - Maxwell N. Burton-Chellew (PNAS)

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