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Australian bandicoot brought back from brink of extinction

The small furry Eastern Barred Bandicoot is bumped off an Australian "extinct in the wild" list.

From the BBC News-2021-9-15:14:6:1

Asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs shaped fortunes of snakes

Snakes owe their success in part to the asteroid impact that killed off the dinosaurs 66 million years ago.

From the BBC News-2021-9-14:14:6:1

Saving Australian frog species on the brink of extinction

Scientists fear four species are already extinct but say urgent action can save others.

From the BBC News-2021-9-6:8:5:1

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A primer of Population Genetics and Genomics 4th Edition, by Dan Hartl, from Oxford Univeristy Press. (Sep 18).

The journal Tree Genetics and Genomes is running a Topical Collection entitled "Trade-offs in tree species: consequences for adaptive potential and operational breeding in a global change context". To contribute or to learn more see here. (Sep 9).

Computercraft has two jobs to curate and manipulate GenBank data. (Sep 1).

Job: Plant AI. Avalo is a plant development company using machine learning and evolutionary biology to make a more sustainable and climate-resilient food system. Our positions are flexible and come with significant scope to define research directions. We're based in Durham, NC, but open to remote work. Please apply at https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2698183430 (Aug 30).

Reproducible Bioinformatics with Python: How to Write Flexible, Documented, Tested Python Code for Research Computing, by Ken Youens-Clark, from O'Reilly. (Aug 28).

Evolution's Bite: A Story of Teeth, Diet, and Human Origins, by Peter S. Ungar, from Princeton University Press (Aug 21).

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Sep 20 12:00Phenotype bias determines how natural RNA structures occupy the morphospace of all possible shapes - Kamaludin Dingle, Fatme Ghaddar, Petr Šulc, Ard A Louis (MBE)
Sep 20 12:00Avian neo-sex chromosomes reveal dynamics of recombination suppression and W degeneration - Hanna Sigeman et al. (MBE)
Sep 20 12:00Butyrate-production pathway abundances are similar in human and nonhuman primate gut microbiomes - Elizabeth K Mallott, Katherine R Amato (MBE)
Sep 18 08:00Haplotype divergence supports long-term asexuality in the oribatid mite Oppiella nova - Alexander Brandt et al. (PNAS)
Sep 18 08:00The evolution of social parasitism in Formica ants revealed by a global phylogeny - Marek L. Borowiec, Stefan P. Cover, Christian Rabeling (PNAS)

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