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B.C. initiative aims to expand genetic screening for Ashkenazi Jewish people at risk of hereditary cancers

An imminent pilot project will study the prevalence of the BRCA mutations among Ashkenazi Jewish peoples in B.C. and aims to offer free, voluntary genetic testing to everyone with that heritage.

From the CBC News-2023-5-28:20:6:1

A new DNA tool helped crack a Montreal cold case. It could help solve others

From the CBC News-2023-5-27:20:6:1

This Dubai lab clones prized camels

Camel cloning is emerging as a big business in Dubai, where the animals are cherished and can earn huge sums in beauty and racing contests. The Reproductive Biotechnology Centre in Dubai replicates a few dozen camels a year - but the process is time-consuming with low success rates.

From the CBC News-2023-5-26:8:5:1

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Bioinformatics: An Introductory Textbook by Thomas Dandekar, Meik Kunz, from Springer Nature. (May 13).

Computational Life Sciences: Data Engineering and Data Mining for Life Sciences, by Jens Dörpinghaus et al., from Springer Nature. (May 6).

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May 29 08:00Unraveling the Drivers of Tumorigenesis in the Context of Evolution: Theoretical Models and Bioinformatics Tools - Xunuo Zhu, Wenyi Zhao, Xun Gu (JME)
May 27 08:00Worker reproduction and caste polymorphism impact genome evolution and social genes across the ants - (GBE)
May 27 08:00Extreme Sensitivity of Fitness to Environmental Conditions: Lessons from #1BigBatch - Grant Kinsler, Kara Schmidlin, Kerry Geiler-Samerotte (JME)

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