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Huge plan to map the DNA of all life in British Isles

Scientists are planning to sequence the genomes of all species, including plants, animals, fungi, found in Britain and Ireland.

From the BBC News-2022-6-13:20:6:1

Scotland and UK split over gene-edited food

The food should not be "forced" on Scottish markets by a new UK bill, a government minister says.

From the BBC News-2022-6-11:20:6:1

Europe's 'largest ever' land dinosaur found on Isle of Wight

University of Southampton palaeontologists identify the remains of a dinosaur measuring 32ft.

From the BBC News-2022-6-9:14:6:1

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Microbiology of Infectious Disease: Integrating Genomics with Natural History, by Sandy R. Primrose, from Oxford University Press. (Jun 25).

Royal Society Publishing has recently published a special issue of Philosophical Transactions B: Genomic architecture of supergenes: causes and evolutionary consequences compiled and edited by Emma L Berdan, Thomas Flatt, Genevieve M Kozak, Katie E Lotterhos and Ben Wielstra and the articles can be accessed directly at www.bit.ly/PTB1856 A print version is also available at the special price of £35.00 per issue from sales@royalsociety.org (Jun 13).

The Parrot in the Mirror: How evolving to be like birds made us human by Antone Martinho-Truswell, from Oxford University Press. (Jun 12).

Royal Society Publishing has recently published a special issue of Philosophical Transactions B: Genetic basis of adaptation and speciation: from loci to causative mutations compiled and edited by Jun Kitano, Asano Ishikawa, Mark Ravinet and Virginie Courtier-Orgogozo and the articles can be accessed directly at www.bit.ly/PTB1855. A print version is also available at the special price of £35.00 per issue from sales@royalsociety.org. (Jun 7).

Biostatistician job available at company working on probiotic cultures. (Jun 3).

Annelida, by Greg Rouse, Fredrik Pleijel, and Ekin Tilic, from Oxford University Press. (May 28).

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Jun 28 20:00Duplication of horizontally acquired GH5_2 enzymes played a central role in the evolution of longhorned beetles - Na Ra Shin, Daniel Doucet, Yannick Pauchet (MBE)
Jun 28 20:00Neofunctionalization of a non-coding portion of a DNA transposon in the coding region of the chimerical sex-determining gene dm-W in Xenopus frogs - Shun Hayashi et al. (MBE)
Jun 27 16:00Ancient whale rhodopsin reconstructs dim-light vision over a major evolutionary transition: Implications for ancestral diving behavior - Sarah Z. Dungan, Belinda S. W. Chang (PNAS)
Jun 27 08:00The evolutionary history of peptidases involved in the processing of Organelle-Targeting Peptides - Clotilde Garrido, Francis André Wollman, Ingrid Lafontaine (GBE)

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