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Scientists Link Covid-19 Risk to Genetic Variations

The Trump administration chose five companies as the most likely to produce a vaccine. The tally of new cases is rising in the U.S., partly because of expanded testing. Italy ends travel restrictions.

From the NYTimes News-2020-6-4:8:5:1

Genes May Leave Some People More Vulnerable to Severe Covid-19

Geneticists have turned up intriguing links between DNA and the disease. Patients with Type A blood, for example, seem to be at greater risk.

From the NYTimes News-2020-6-3:20:6:1

Extinction crisis 'poses existential threat to civilisation'

A study presents more evidence that the world is in the midst of a sixth mass extinction.

From the BBC News-2020-6-2:8:5:1

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A special issue on Genes on "Genome diversity of adaptation and speciation" is available. Submit a paper. (Jun 4).

The Natural History of the Crustacea: Evolution and Biogeography of the Crustacea, Volume 8 by Martin Thiel and Gary Poore from Oxford University Press (May 30).

Essentials of Cancer Genomic, Computational Approaches and Precision Medicine by Nosheen Masood and Saima Shakil Malik, from Springer (May 23).

Once a Wolf: The Science Behind Our Dogs' Astonishing Genetic Evolution, by Bryan Sykes, from Liveright (May 18).

Insect Metamorphosis: From Natural History to Regulation of Development and Evolution by Xavier Belles, from Elsevier. (May 9).

A Naturalist in the Amazon: The journals and writings of Henry Walter Bates, from Penguin Random House (May 2).

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Jun 5 16:00GeneRax: A tool for species tree-aware maximum likelihood based gene family tree inference under gene duplication, transfer, and loss - Benoit Morel, Alexey M Kozlov, Alexandros Stamatakis, Gergely J Szöllősi (MBE)
Jun 4 16:00Collagen sequence analysis reveals evolutionary history of extinct West Indies Nesophontes ('island-shrews') - M Buckley et al. (MBE)
Jun 3 12:00PIQMEE: Bayesian phylodynamic method for analysis of large datasets with duplicate sequences - Veronika Boskova, Tanja Stadler (MBE)

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