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Have we found the 'animal origin' of Covid?

Genetic data released by China three years after it was gathered has provided 'the best evidence' of how the pandemic started, scientists say.

From the BBC News-2023-3-25:8:5:1

What is gene-edited food and is it safe to eat?

Gene-edited food can now be developed and sold in England, but not in the rest of the UK.

From the BBC News-2023-3-23:14:6:2

Commercial development of gene-edited food now legal in England

The law has changed to allow the commercial development and sale of gene-edited food in England.

From the BBC News-2023-3-23:14:6:1

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Deep Learning for Genomics: Data-driven approaches for genomics applications in life sciences and biotechnology, by Upendra Kumar Devisetty, from Packt Publishing. (Mar 25).

Royal Society has published a special issue of Philosophical Transactions B entitled Half a century of evolutionary games: a synthesis of theory. (Mar 20).

Looking for contributions for a special issue in Mol Ecol on Chromosomal Rearrangements. (Mar 18).

Call for submissions for a Special Issue of Journal Evol Biology on 'inferring macroevolution from microevolution' has opened. (Mar 7).

Royal Society Publishing -- How does epigenetics influence the course of evolution? compiled and edited by A. Ashe, V. Colot and B. Oldroyd and the articles can be FREELY accessed directly at www.bit.ly/PTB1826 A print version is also available at the special price of £40.00 per issue from sales@royalsociety.org. (Mar 6).

Data Science for Genomics, 1st Edition, by Mit Kumar Tyagi (Editor) and Ahith Abraham (Editor), from Academic Press. (Mar 4).

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Mar 31 08:00Interplay between polymorphic short tandem repeats and gene expression variation in Caenorhabditis elegans - Gaotian Zhang, Erik C Andersen (MBE)
Mar 30 16:00Coevolution of reproducers and replicators at the origin of life and the conditions for the origin of genomes - Sanasar G. Babajanyan et al. (PNAS)
Mar 29 08:00Evolutionary genetics and admixture in African populations - Aaron Pfennig, Lindsay N Petersen, Paidamoyo Kachambwa, Joseph Lachance (GBE)

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