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Exhume President Warren G. Harding? Family Feuds in Court

DNA evidence is persuasive that James Blaesing, 70, is the grandson of the 29th president and his mistress. But his cousins are upset by his plan to exhume Harding's remains with a reality TV crew.

From the NYTimes News-2020-9-18:14:6:1

The Vikings Were More Complicated Than You Might Think

One of the biggest surveys ever of ancient DNA offers new evidence of who the Vikings were and where they went raiding and trading.

From the NYTimes News-2020-9-16:20:6:1

Extinction: Urgent change needed to save species, says UN

Humanity is at a crossroads and action is needed to slow nature's accelerating decline, says the UN.

From the BBC News-2020-9-15:14:6:1

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Astrobiology Current, Evolving and Emerging Perspectives, Edited by: André Antunes, from Caister Academic Press. (Sep 18).

Royal Society Publishing has recently published a special issue from Philosophical Transactions B entitled The role of the microbiome in host evolution. (Sep 14).

Analysis of Triplet Repeat Disorders (Human Molecular Genetics) Kindle Edition, by Michael Hayden (Editor), Dr David Rubinsztein (Editor), from Garland Science. (Sep 12).

Job at USDA Hawaii. Research Biologist controlling fruit flys. (Sep 8).

Demographics Tutorial and Webinar for Springer book on Demography of Population Health, Aging and Health Expenditures. (Sep 5).

My Thoughts on Biological Evolution, 1st ed. 2020 Edition, by Motoo Kimura (Author), Yoshio Tateno (Translator), Kenichi Aoki (Translator), from Springer (Sep 5).

Bioinformatics: A Practical Guide to the Analysis of Genes and Proteins, 4th Edition, by Andreas D. Baxevanis (Editor), Gary D. Bader (Editor), David S. Wishart (Editor), from Wiley (Aug 29).

A Mathematical Primer of Molecular Phylogenetics by X. Xia, from Apple Academic Press Inc. (Aug 22).

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Sep 18 16:00Drivers of mating type composition in Tetrahymena thermophila - Guangying Wang et al. (GBE)
Sep 18 16:00Comprehensive transcriptome of the maize stalk borer, Busseola fusca, from multiple tissue types, developmental stages, and parasitoid wasp exposures - Kayla M Hardwick et al. (GBE)
Sep 18 16:00Genus-wide characterization of bumblebee genomes provides insights into their evolution and variation in ecological and behavioral traits - Cheng Sun et al. (MBE)
Sep 17 16:00Different sources of allelic variation drove repeated color pattern divergence in cichlid fishes - Sabine Urban, Alexander Nater, Axel Meyer, Claudius F Kratochwil (MBE)
Sep 17 16:00Potential pathogenicity determinants identified from structural proteomics of SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 - Erica T Prates et al. (MBE)
Sep 17 16:00Historical introgression from wild relatives enhanced climatic adaptation and resistance to pneumonia in sheep - Yin-Hong Cao et al. (MBE)
Sep 17 16:00Tracing the diploid ancestry of the cultivated octoploid strawberry - Chao Feng et al. (MBE)
Sep 17 16:00Signatures of introgression across the allele frequency spectrum - Simon H Martin, William Amos (MBE)
Sep 16 20:00Reconstruction of the birth of a male sex chromosome present in Atlantic herring - Nima Rafati et al. (PNAS)
Sep 16 12:00Stochastic gain and loss of novel transcribed open reading frames in the human lineage - Daniel Dowling, Jonathan F Schmitz, Erich Bornberg-Bauer (GBE)

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