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Human origins: 'Little Foot' fossil's big journey out of Africa

How the priceless skull of an ancient ancestor was brought to the UK from South Africa for study.

From the BBC News-2021-3-2:8:5:1

Mary Anning: Fossil hunter celebrated with Jurassic 50p coins

The 19th Century fossil hunter's achievements were often overlooked during her own lifetime.

From the BBC News-2021-2-25:8:5:1

Extinction: Freshwater fish in 'catastrophic' decline

Numbers are plunging due to pollution, unsustainable fishing and the draining of rivers.

From the BBC News-2021-2-22:20:6:1

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Barn Owls, Evolution and Ecology, by Alexandre Roulin, from Cambridge University Press. (Mar 3).

Epidemiology with R by Bendix Carstensen, from Oxford University Press. (Feb 27).

Population Biology of Vector-Borne Diseases by John M. Drake, Michael Bonsall, and Michael Strand. from Oxford University Press. (Feb 20).

Anaconda: The Secret Life of the World's Largest Snake, by Jesús A. Rivas, from Oxford University Press. (Feb 13).

Sustainable Governance of Natural Resources: Uncovering Success Patterns with Machine Learning, by Ulrich Frey, from Oxford University Press. (Feb 6).

Conservation Physiology: Applications for Wildlife Conservation and Management, by Christine L. Madliger, Craig E. Franklin, Oliver P. Love, and Steven J. Cooke, from Oxford University Press. (Jan 30).

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Mar 5 08:00Analysis of paralogons, origin of the vertebrate karyotype, and ancient chromosomes retained in extant species - Trevor D Lamb (GBE)
Mar 5 08:00Limited predictability of amino acid substitutions in seasonal influenza viruses - Pierre Barrat-Charlaix, John Huddleston, Trevor Bedford, Richard A Neher (MBE)
Mar 5 08:00Males that silence their father's genes: genomic imprinting of a complete haploid genome - Andrés G de la Filia et al. (MBE)
Mar 3 12:00Utilization of cobalamin is ubiquitous in early-branching fungal phyla - Małgorzata Orłowska, Kamil Steczkiewicz, Anna Muszewska (GBE)
Mar 3 12:00A de Novo Transcriptome Assembly of Ceratopteris Richardii Provides Insights into the Evolutionary Dynamics of Complex Gene Families in Land Plants - Yuan Geng et al. (GBE)
Mar 3 12:00Extensive genome-wide phylogenetic discordance is due to incomplete lineage sorting and not ongoing introgression in a rapidly radiated bryophyte genus - Olena Meleshko et al. (MBE)
Mar 3 12:00Higher rates of processed pseudogene acquisition in humans and three great apes revealed by long read assemblies - Xiaowen Feng, Heng Li (MBE)
Mar 2 12:00The genomic architecture of adaptation to larval malnutrition points to a trade-off with adult starvation resistance in Drosophila - Tadeusz J Kawecki et al. (MBE)

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